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How to start and run a profitable, fun lawncare and landscape business

Starting a landscaping business
My name is Ken LaVoie, owner of LaVoie's Landscape Mgmt. Inc. and author of this guide on starting a lawn care business. This book (and optional add-on package) is based on the knowledge and lessons I've accumulated over twenty-eight years in the lawn care and landscaping business. I will do my best to teach you how to start a profitable lawn care business or improve your excising one. My goal is to give you what you need to create a great little business and earn a respectable income with benefits. I take pride in this material: I've put my name on it, and I stand by it with a 6-month money-back guarantee. If you don't feel it's delivered enough value to you, I don't want you to pay for it.
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How your lawn care business will benefit from this book & guide:

  • Credible, time-tested information from nearly three decades in the green industry: I use all these techniques in my own lawn care business and I know firsthand that they work.
  • It's instantly downloadable (unless you choose paperback version)
  • You can avoid some common mistakes you might make otherwise.
  • Can help you decide if this is the business you really want to be in

What's the difference between the book and the whole package?

The book alone is available in either downloadable format (Kindle, ePub & pdf), or available in actual paperback. The full package is simply the book (downloadable) combined with the extra support materials, which consist of a Quickbooks company file, my actual company operations manual, estimating forms, calculators and other excel tools, sales and client letter samples, etc. (a complete list is further below)

Some of the information you'll receive:

  • One classification tip that can result in substantial in worker's comp savings
  • Several tips to help cut your office time down
  • Some advice on what lawn care equipment to buy and NOT buy
  • Some resources for buying lawncare equipment parts much cheaper than the dealer
  • How to increase, even double, your productivity with the equipment you already own
  • Advice on setting up sub-contractors to expand your business quickly

The Full Package Includes:

  • Our eBook Book / Guide"How to start a lawn care business a whole NEW way" complete with tips on what equipment to buy, how to use it, tips on office setup, finances, marketing, with a "how to" section for each task. Also included is a resources list that can save you alot of trial and error.
  • Copy of the inspirational "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill (PDF format)
  • Email reply to follow-up questions (within reason)
  • My own company operations manual
  • Estimate forms with specific language and legal disclaimers for basic, planting, lawn installation and snow removal bids
  • Letters of instruction for after care for lawn and plant installation
  • A dozen or so letters to send clients: price increase, "welcome back", etc.
  • Sub contractor, legal NDA, and non-compete agreement
  • Our payment formula document for our subcontractors
  • Sample route sheets and work lists that we use to stay efficient
  • Mulch, seeding and hedge trimming estimator (excel)
  • Recorded times for various landscape tasks
  • Spring and fall "ready prep" lists
  • Complete Quickbooks™ company setup - (worth the price of this program in time savings alone!) (Must have Quickbooks™ 2012 or newer, sold separately.)
I won't try to put a value on any of this, but I would conservatively say that any one or two of these items is worth the price of the entire package.

Purchase our How to Start a Lawncare Business Starter Package which includes:
The book "How to Start a Lawncare Buiness a Whole New Way" in PDF, ePub & Kindle versions PLUS the complete package described above:
Whole package (Best Value: includes book & package) || Just the package (for those that already have the book)

Purchase the book separately, in paperback, ePub or Kindle versions:
Bundled version with Kindle, PDF, & ePub formats || Paperback Version ||
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